I want to make a claim, but this retailer does not accept missing cashback claims

Firstly, we’re really sorry you didn’t have a positive experience with this retailer.

Sometimes transactions can fail to track, or track incorrectly and usually, if it’s possible, we can lodge a claim and try and get this rectified or resolved for you by asking the retailer's affiliate marketing agency, who works on behalf of the retailer, to investigate your claim.

Whilst we do our best to ensure that fair claim limitations are set out by the affiliate marketing agency, they can elect not to accept claims if they so wish.

If this is the case, we are unable to lodge claims to them and will not be able to investigate why your claim has gone on to be untracked, incorrectly tracked or declined. Whenever this is the case, it’s usually stated in the retailer’s terms that they do not accept claims so you can make an informed decision when deciding to get Cashback.

Whilst the vast majority of cashback does track correctly, we know this can be frustrating for members, but we can offer some advice as to why this may have happened.

My transaction didn’t track:

Things that can cause tracking issues:

• If you use an adblocker
• If your security software prevents cookie tracking
• You clicked onto a site with your chosen items already in your ‘basket’ or with a quote already generated
• You clicked on other sites in between clicking through TopCashback and making a purchase
• You were not logged into TopCashback when you made your purchase If you do notice this becomes a frequent issue, just get in touch using a support ticket and we can advise you further

My Cashback tracked at the wrong rate:

When transactions fail to track at the correct rate, this is usually a little more straight forwards. Your cashback may track at an incorrect rate if:

• You use a voucher code which is not authorised by TopCashback (this can also lead to declined transactions)
• You purchased a few items and then returned an item.
• You purchased an item, then another item which was not on offer and led to an unusual rate of cashback
• The transaction tracks lower, and then uplifts upon confirmation (check your retailer’s terms and conditions for this)
• You transacted just after an offer ended which led to the correct rate for that time of purchase but not at the time of click through.

My Cashback went on to be declined:

When transactions go on to be declined, this is usually because the retailer affiliate marketing agency found that your transaction appeared to be ineligible for cashback. These are the most common reasons for cashback declining:
• You used a voucher-code that was not approved by TopCashback
• You may have not fulfilled the eligibility criteria for this cashback (eligibility criteria can be found in the retailer’s terms and conditions on the retailers page)
• Your purchase was not an eligible purchase (all eligible purchases have a rate of cashback next to them)
• You returned or exchanged the item you purchased or cancelled the service you subscribed too

Once again, we apologise that this has been a less than positive experience on this occasion and hope that your future transactions go on to be more successful. We have millions of members worldwide using our free service and hope that you will try again.

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